Changes in the contract-offer

From February 17, 2019, some changes and additions will be made to the offer agreement regarding the conditions for providing a static IP address.

Added to section 1:

1.17 Static IP address is a permanent address of the device address in the computer network. This type of address means that it does not change its value over time, and this address always identifies the same device to which it was originally intended.
1.18.Dynamic IP address is the identifier of the device in the computer network of the provider, which is allocated to the device dynamically by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

The following has been added to section 6:

6.12. The Provider has the right to disable the static IP address in case the Subscriber does not pay for more than 90 days, or the Subscriber has manually suspended the service for more than 90 days.

6.13. In case of expiration of the service suspension specified in clause 6.12 of the Agreement, the Subscriber has not activated the account in the personal account or has not paid for the service, the static IP address is disabled and the Subscriber cannot use the same IP address in the future.
6.14. Obtaining a new static IP address is governed by clause 6.2. Agreement.

Accordingly, the numbering of other items in section 6 will also be changed, without changing the text and conditions.

Sincerely, Domonet team.